The Double D’s strike again! No! We’re not talking about the generous cup size of these two hotties (although we all LOVE a bigger boob, right)? We’re referring to their first names: Danielle and Diana. They go by that collective moniker at the California college they both attend. No surprise that the guys they run into seem to remember them by that name. That’s because 21-year-old Diana Myers and 19-year-old Danielle Jenkins are serious party girls. They dig buff dudes. But what about girls? Are they into girl-on-girl fun? Diana has long adored girls. But Danielle was more on the curious side – until they both came aboard the Girls Gone Wild bus. Who could resist Diana’s gorgeous boobs? And Danielle didn’t. Watch Diana show off some crazy skills when it comes to feasting on Danielle’s pussy (making her cum in buckets). Is Danielle up to the challenge of returning the favor?