This hard-bodied sweetie, just 18, was homegrown in Texas. But there ain’t nothing hee-haw about Sydney Hall. Transplanted to Los Angeles just a year ago and now a high school senior, Sydney loves cheerleading, hanging with her besties, music…and going down on other gals. “I’m totally a giver,” she tells our photographer as she struts her stuff – legs wide open, fingers toying with delicious, hard nipples. “I discovered girls only recently so I’m, like, totally hooked”. We’ve already seen Sydney in action with one of her fellow cheerleaders. But what does she like to do when she’s on her own? Toys are almost always involved. Sydney first discovered the pleasure toys can give when her boyfriend, currently an enlisted man, first deployed overseas. “When he’s not around, and my girlfriends are crazy enough not to be with me, I have to do something.” She can do anything she likes as far as we’re concerned.